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All about Icy
Name: Icy (a pun from the galaxy IC 1101)
Age: Unknown (It is believed that she is several billion years old)
Parents: The Big Bang (Although she does not have a biological parents, The Big Bang is regarded as her parent)
Family/Siblings: A non-identical twin sister called I See and Daughters called Milky Way and Andromeda 

Icy wears very light or pale blues. She wears earmuffs but switches it up with a hat sometimes. A furry/fuzzy cardigan and wears a light blue jumper with a bright blue snowflake in the middle. A skirt,tights and gloves  with alternating colours and light yellow and orange snowboots with rollerblades on them. Or whenever she's ice skating, she puts on her blades on her boots.

Bright blue snowflake 
Talent: Ice skating
Personality: Icy at first may seem cold, judgmental and a bit of a bully, but she is misunderstood. She finds it very to fit in with groups of people so she
:icondaracoon911:Daracoon911 3 1
Cream in Riders by Daracoon911 Cream in Riders :icondaracoon911:Daracoon911 5 4
All about Amelia
Name: Princess Amelia Spring 
Nicknames: Ames, Amy and Amelie
Age: Unknown, but probably around the same age of Peach and Daisy 
Kingdom: The Ribbonheart Kingdom (though its name had changed multiple times in the past)
Parents: Unknown
Clothing: Amelia wears a long dress with pink frills on the sleeves, bottom of the dress and the waist. The dress is a spring blue but with a large white area in the middle and it is decorated with bright pink and purple bows added with dark red hearts. Long white gloves, white collar and a ribbon around the waist. Her crown is a golden yellow with dark red hearts and pink oval jewels going around it.


Amelia is generally a happy person. She is nice and kind to the inhabitants of the kingdom she can be be a bit hyperactive when new things come about which causes her to get into trouble but always finds a way to sort things out, extremely chatty and playful. She is also smart but not a
:icondaracoon911:Daracoon911 1 6


Back to school tomorrowWaaaah! this also means it'll be a bit harder to do my Muro drawings as you've got to get ready for school and your early sleeping routine. Unfortunately, uploads will be less as I am getting my house decorated and they're doing my bedroom so we've had to get the room ready so we had to unplug the electrics so I can't use my computerWaaaah! Waaaah! Sorry for the trouble this may cause and I'll make it up to you asap!


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