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 Hey guys its Daracoon911 signing in and WOW!Wow! What a rollercoaster ride of a month it has been here on DeviantArtEarth and in my life. So lets  start reviewing this month! :)


In case you have a terrible memory, I did a series of journals talking about my exam week and how I though it went. In my report, it tells us how we did in the exam and our current sub levels and a few other stuff. Even though we got our exam results in class before our reports, I'm extremely happy that I did well in my exams and In general, my teachers said that I do well and I'm quite pleased about that. My current sub levels in some subjects have improved and they also said the same thing on parents evening. I also filled in my options form and I chose History, Spanish, Geopgraphy and Computer Science and this is proper one so I can't change it so I hope I will enjoy studying these subjects for the next 2 years and get the best grades as possible at GCSE. The teachers also discuss and check whether our options are ok for us and if we don't hear  from them, it is very likely that we've got all of our choices. So right now, I'm currently happy at school and I'll be more happier after we finish next week as it is the Easter Holidays!

You've also noticed that I've released somethings called old/unreleased drawings. I know I started that randomly and I probably should've told you in a status update so I'm sorry for that. From the looks of it, they seem to be doing pretty well as I'm getting a ton of faves from them so Thanks for the FavHug  and I'll be releasing a lot more soon!:happybounce: I think its a nice idea of me doing this as I can see how far I've come as an artist and have evolved my style and what my drawings were like pre-Deviantart and how get too see what I was like. I also get great memories looking back at my drawings some of them are so cute and colourful!Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4]   But I have not been doing a lot of drawings in DeviantArt Muro Icon mid since I'm so hooked up on these old/unreleased drawings so I'm planning to upload them evenly I haven't figured out a timetables or ratio of how I upload them yet but I'll think of one soon hopefully before the Easter Holidays so I can draw and improve a lot more in DeviantArt Muro Icon mid. I've also gotten a new Princess FC thanks to the wonderful :iconmarioprincessartist: who is a great friend of mine. Princess' name is Amelia and check out these drawings of her. 

Note: The last drawing on the right, belongs to :iconmarioprincessartist:

Amelia by Daracoon911Princess Amelia by Daracoon911                      
I am also planning to do a bio of her and will be released during the Easter Holidays. I can't say when but it will be uploaded within the first week of it. I'll also be doing a bio for my former FC and adoptable Icy (seen below) 
Note: Cammy belongs to :iconbarbieyy: I've also gotten a few more Llama Badge which has upgraded me to a Albino Llama Badge! So thank you so much! Huggle! lets see if we can reach 100 before the start of Summer. Plus I've also reached 2000 pageviews and gained a few watchers so thank you again Hug Huggle! 

Finishing up
Yeah so March as been a good month for me. so many things have happened to me on DeviantArt mainly positive so lets keep that positivity flowing! :)+ Plus (Symbols) + Plus (Symbols) + Plus (Symbols)  Since the Easter Holidays are coming up, Uploads will be more frequent and maybe I'll be uploading up to 3 deviations a day. So thank you so much for making March a great month for me and let's see if we can make April even better. This is Daracoon911 signing out! :)

P.S A quick shoutout to my DA Buddy --> :iconclaire-petal-splash: Thank you so much for your encouraging constructive criticism I truly appreciate it your comments make my day and help me to become an even better artist so have this shoutout on me. :D (Big Grin)    
Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in and in case you didn't know, yesterday 6 months ago, I created my DeviantArt account. Meaning that I've spent half a year on this website drawing, writing, commenting, favoring and much more stuff on this website!!!  Party So for this first part if this journal, I will tell you some statistics. 

Please take note that the info here is correct at the current time as when I upload this

Being a Deviant for 6 months, I have:

  • Submitted 162 deviations
  • Received 290 comments
  • Have 1,452 pageviews
  • Have 132Points 
  • 535 favourites
  • 29 watchers
  • 45 llama badges
  • Submitted 14 (Now 15 journals)
  • Watched 138 Deviants 
These are the statistics so far I might edit them.

Honorable Mentions Honorable Mention Medal + PLZ 

This is the bit where I mention everyone who has some sort of connections to me so be very proud that you're on here and start crying if your'e mentioned multiple times (I dunno)

The Watchers
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Thank you so much for watching me!!!Huggle! Hug Despite me being a beginner drawer you've decided to support me to become a better artist. These six months sharing my art with you have been the best and hopefully you'll stay tuned to see more wonderful art. Feel free to watch me as well because I've started to draw with deviantArt Muro icon and I will be doing a lot more drawings with it soon! :)

Llama Badge Givers

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Thank you so much for the llamas! I truly appreciate it! :) It's great to see people like my work and appreciate it. :happybounce: By showing that they care they gave it so hopefully you guys will keep on sending in more llama badges and lets see if we can get 100 by the start of summer or something like that. I love llamas and they're a great edition to DeviantArt and for the 6 months I've had this account for, the ways that you guys impact me and others with llamas give us huge boosts to thrive more in our drawings so thank you so much!!!Heart Huggle! Hug 
Deviants that I watch
I watch over 100 deviants and that's too many icons that I can put down. So what I want you guys is to do is, go and check my friends list and share this journal to them. I know it may not look like a lot but I have grouped some of the deviants that I watch into categories so I'll add them as friends again so you can see them. But I just want to say to them, Thank you so much for being on DeviantArt ! Your great work is truly admired and I've enjoyed 6 months viewing, commenting and favoring your work. Hopefully there will be more fabulous work to come and keep on having fun on this website!Nod

Again, I am a member of 50 clubs and I can't be asked to do 50 icons for each club so go on on my groups section of my profile page and please share this journal to my groups (apart from :icongalaxygirls-fc: and :iconplatformers: since I'm an admin of those groups) and again just like the deviants I watch case, thank you so much for being on DeviantArt ! By me joining your groups, I've been able to get my work out there and get positive feedback from everyone for the past 6 months. Hopefully the groups I'm in will stay active for a long time to come and I'll be joining even more!:D (Big Grin)

In summary, thank for the amazing 6 moths here onDeviantArt! They have been the best of my life and to all the people mentioned in this journal thank you again for supporting me I love you all and all my fellow deviants that I watch, keep up the good work! Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up Before I end, I will be posting another journal tomorrow since I'm getting my report from school and this relates to my exams and options so stick around and this is Daracoon911 signing out and here's to the next 6 months and thank you so much again!DeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz ;) (Wink) Clap Meow :3 Love I am a dummy! La la la la Nod Giggle :happybounce: Hug Huggle! Heart deviantART +fav deviantART Groups  

Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in for the last time of this journal series. So lets end this! 

Maths (Calculator)

If you didn't know in my opinion I think I'm pretty shit at maths (but I'm in middle set) and with the advantage of a calculator, you damn sure know I'll be using a calculator for every question. I believe I did much better in the calculator paper than the non-calculator paper as I missed out less questions than the first paper. I also had two dumb moments the exam which I am NOT very proud of. The first one was that I made my pen fly across the hall (not literally just a small distance but It looked pretty long form my point of view) meaning that everybody stared at me and I was like FUCK! inside my head I wanted to literally hide anywhere or or wanted to disappear. My second dumb moment was that I spent the time before the exam looking for my flipping protractor until the end of the exam and at break and I was in the library with my friends I realised I was in my front blazer pocket. I AM JUST SO FUCKING DUMB!:stupidme: remake At the end of the day, I finished my exams so I'M FREE! SO I CAN BE GRACEFUL AF!Squidward Sexy (Dance) I think most of them went pretty well and I'm just happy that they're over. No more Whistling Dickheads, no more last minute revsion, no more bordeom and no more everything exam related for at least another fucking year I dunno. I also will get to find out my results for my hisory exam next Tuesday so I can't wait for that as my history teacher is a very quick marker. I'm like well damn miss. But thank you for reading these journals, they were really fun to type and its good to express your thoughts sometimes and sorry for swearing so much as in irl I'm not a sweary type person so sorry if you're an anti-swearing type person.

What does this mean for DeviantArt Icon ?

Well for one thing that's for sure, I'll be back on DeviantArt Icon do YAY! I also plan to start using DeviantArt Muro Icon mid for the meantime while I get my drawing tablet set up, I wills also think about option for GCSE to I maybe off DeviantArt Icon sometimes but hopefully you'll br seeging regular uploads from me soon. Before I go, just before I typed this journal, I saw that we had reached 1000 pageviews and we had reached it before my exams ended which was my target! So thank you so much for viewing, liking and commenting on my work I REALLY do appreciate it5 seconds hug  and the surprise is I'll be doing 1000 pageviews adoptables along with exam week adoptables and my regular ones. I hope to get these out before the end of the weekend so stay tuned and if you didn't know my adoptables wil be done in MS Paint as my adoptables are basic and the colours also basic and I like that but once again thank you so  much for 1000 pave views I love you allPink Heart Icon  and thank you for reading these journals I loved making these and hopefully will do more of this type of stuff for now this is Daracoon911 signing out! ;p
Hey guys its Daracoon911 signing in telling you how my second to last day of my exams have gone. So lets get into it


First of all, This was NOT (Although it was supposed to be) It was more like art we were just making up a docking station for your phone as if we were going to make it. I was clueless for the first question did the next couple of questions which were drawing logos and design stuff and shit like that. But I did go back  and answered those questions later in the exam but filled it with a lot of fucking random shit. The space for doing your design ideas for the docking station was so small OMG I could only fit 2 on there and we had to do three leaving me short of potential marks I could've gained but for the logo question I was able to fit three on there. What is up with is school and paper in one day they give us too many and on the next FUCKING day they give us too little. WHERES THE FUCKING CONSISTENCY m8's?!! Like what is this the school is like:derp: :derp: :derp: Sans Shrug :derp: :derp: :derp: 
Then it was coming to the end of the exam where we did our final design and when the walk about people said we had 5 minutes left I was like SHIT I FORGOT TO PUT THE FUCKING SPEAKERS ON! so I shitly scribble them on and do pretty shitty evaluation where I right at the speed of light making my hand ache for like  10 billion years. I think I did pretty shit in this exam but I'am going to miss DT as it was fun and the exam was well (I spent all my time colouring) I will also beFoxy's MLG Victory Dance (Chat Icon) if I actually get a decent level on it but who cares I'm not taking this subject for GCSE soSpam-in-a-Box: HAHAHA  ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) I also didn't get to colour in the final design and you had to and I didn't get to do the last question. Now that's DT done and dusted, lets move onto English!

English (Writing)

My English teacher didn't help at all since she was counting down the time till the exam since we had her just before it which made me incredibly Nervous Sticks we also the lesson was also about silly mistakes made in writing exams as we would get marks for SPaG since I think my English skills went to absolute Shit Happens GIF Steven Universe - Flush! in the exam and have gotten better since I've done it. I also had a MAJOR Day134 - Brainfart I'M NOT EVEN JOKING I HAD A !!!MAJOR!!! Day134 - Brainfart because our teacher has taught loads of techniques used in creative and transactional (who gives a FUCK about spelling?Shrugs I don't) writing called SMEAR SOAP and DAFOREST and during the exam I forgot half of these individual techniques and I only remembered all of them like halfway through the exam. This meant that most of my first few paragraphs were shit and terrible meaning I could potentially lose marks and coming to the end I was scribbling :bademoticon: af to get as much down as possible meaning that my hand has ached so much so much I had to shake it mulitple times during the exam possibly making me look like a retard in front of my classmates. But I actually think I did pretty ok and I hope I get really good levels as the reading and writing exam levels will be combined to give me one whole level (I think). btw you know what I'm gonna talk about next... YUP! YOU GUESSED IT THE FUCKING WHISTLING DICKHEADS ARE FUCKING BACK! At the end, 4 of the rows in my area (including me and my friends) had to stay behind to get talked shit by a dumb PE teacher about how it is wrong and how it will affect our future exams. He also said we could also Snek on anyone who's doing it and my friends did that but I left  doing this --->:retarded-clap:  and saying "WELL DONE! WELL FUCKING DONE!" Now all four rows are being reported to our heads of year because THE FUCKING WHISTLING DICKHEADS CAN'T KEEP THEIR FUCKING STUPID DUMBASS MOUTHS SHUT! I also should've stayed with my friends so we could snake everybody out and did have a few suspects in mind as well meaning I HAD MISSED A FUCKING CHANGE OF FUCKING REVENGE! I am just SO DUMB!Stupid Me! But once again sorry for the long rant but at least it was'nt as long as day 4's one. But overall, To day was pretty ok and shit at the same time and tomorrow is my last day of exams so yay!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] and that exam is maths but with the calculator allowed meaning that it might me harder than the non calculator exam but after that I'M FREE! And I can be as graceful af Squidward Sexy (Dance) Feel free to wish me luck for my final exam and please read my journals and  and view my work as I'm hoping to get 1000 pageviews before my exams end currently right now I'm on 989 (11 more to go! :) (Smile) ) and I will do a special surprise for you but for now, this is Daracoon911 signing out!Wink/Razz 
Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in here is my shortest journal yet so lets start! :)


The reason why I only have one exam today is because the other exam was Latin and I don't do it since it's for people who have the intelligence of Einstein and apparently I don't have it. (Well I did it in year 7 and found it shit since my teacher made it boring and he was boring as well. I was also pretty shit at it so I stopped doing it. But the set that does Latin in my block have a nice teacher but I don't care since it is too hard so Spam-in-a-Box: HAHAHA they can suffer all they want being super smart) That sounded reallySalty I'm sorry  but history was really easy it was stuff done in class so general knowledge basically and there was this essay bit  at the end and thinking back know I should've done it at the beginning so I could add more points and explanations of topics about world war one since I only did three paragraphs and the ending of my last one was pretty shitty tbh. The Whistling Dickheads were back but I'm not gonna talk about them since I might go into - FIRERAGE - mode again and I promised this journal would be a short one. Um.. what else can I talk about...? Oh yeah we did a mental maths thing yesterday and I got 17/30 pretty ok just over half and  we marked some of our Spanish exams today but mine didn't get marked to I'm left in the dark wondering what my scores are. As usual, feel free to send good luck messages, advice on exams/revision, stories about you in exams or how you deal with them and tomorrow I think I have DT another subject that Danisnotonfire 10 about and English which is my writing exam. I'm gonna go and do some shit now but for now this is Daracoon911 signing out!Wink/Razz 

P.S At the start of the exams I set you a target that if we reach 1000 pageviews I will give you a present. My exams finish of Friday so please share or look at my work and read my journals if you want a surprise present form me thanks ! :) Heart 
Hey guys its Daracoon911 signing in, to tell you how day 4 of my exams have gone. I can tell you it is very positive but lets get started! :)


In case you don't know I'm taking geography for GCSE so it is really important that I get a high level in this test. The test was about stuff we have covered in year 7,8 and 9 and it was pretty easy but my first thing which may have let me down was labeling os map symbols. but there was this one Related imagewhich I had no fucking clue what it was so I sat there wondering what the fuck it was so I didn't write anything down in the answer box in the end (It's actually a viewpoint) and then there was two I'm pretty confident with and there was information point and telephone on which I'm not sure with. I wish I had revised them more since I may have lost marks on those questions. Then came the 4 and six figure grid references (I bet your like this :idontgetit: right now and like WTF! is she talking about?!) Which I wish I didn't rush since I left it right to the last minute so I may have lost a ton of marks there. Finally, there was this question where we had to answer how can we predict volcanic eruptions and I said tiltmetres and seismometers and I may have go the explanations the wrong way around so I'm just feeling so fucking :stupidme: remake right now. But I think geography overall was pretty good but I WISH I had revised so much fucking more instead of on  the day in form time and in the flipping hall. I'm hopefully expecting to get a mid-high level 6 in this test so Fingers Crossed For Goodluck Emoticon. ! :) But the bad news is that the whistling dickheads were back (Sounds like a cool group/band name) an started whistling at the end of the exam. I whispered :STFUshakefist: since we're not allowed to talking and I kept on looking backwards, forwards everywhere in general I think its coming my side of the hall. Some people were laughing so It didn't help. OMFG I got so pissed of when this dumb boy in my set (who I unfortunately sit next to in this blimming subject and annoys the crap out of me) say to me 'Stop whistling!' and I'm just like Smg4 Peach Wat. !WTF! ? I open my mouth surprised (also deeply offended) and open my arms wide out and point to me and him to everyone in my set trying to get the message across like 'are you seeing this shit?! PLS ARE YOU SEEING DIS SHIT?!!!!!!!!!! The whistling fucking carries on and he carries on telling me to stop it and I just get even more pissed. I look back at him giving him dirty looks when I even turn back I whisper to myself that he's an absolute fucking retard. Luckily he didn't hear. I also protest that I'm not doing it but then, HE HAS THE FUCKING COURAGE TO FUCKING SMILE AT ME AND LAUGH WHILE HE SAYING THIS DUMBASS SHIT! I'M JUST LIKE  - FIRERAGE - Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) :angry: Undertale - Mad Angry Chara might explode RIGHT NOW THINKING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! I swear down on me my life m8 IF I FUCKING FIND OUT WHO THE WHISTLING DICKHEADS ARE! I'm just gonna leave this quote to do the talking: Right Arrow  " First, take a big step back... And literally, FUCK YOUR OWN FACE! I don't know what kind of bullshit power play you're trying to pull here, but So whatever you're thinking, you'd better think again! Otherwise I'm gonna have to head down there and I will rain down in a Godly fucking firestorm upon you! You're gonna have to call the fucking United Nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you. I'm talking about a scorched earth, motherfucker! I will massacre you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!" Thank you Tropic Thunder for this fucking  wonderful quote!FREE flying hearts Icon Blow kiss I will also do this to that dumb kid tomorrow since I have geography and my FUCKING TEACHER went like making the new seating plan like: Oh yeah. Lets put Gerren (My real name) next to this dumb boy who she really despises so she can piss her off for my  own fucking amusement!:derp: :derp: :derp: . I'm so sorry, my standard English and grammar skills have gone completely out of the fucking shittyUndertale Icon: Papyrus jumping out the window but it is good to let out your anger sometimes even if that means telling random strangers on the internet about it and regretting what you said 5 minutes later BUT I WON'T! Now lets move onto exam 2 Spain Redraw !


Spanish unlike French was pretty easy. It was the same layout for just like French 25 minutes to do the reading paper and 
25 minutes to do the writing paper. In reading, we had to label the clothes in Spanish, second page was to write about pets in the given description in Spanish but answer in English and answer 4 questions in Spanish about a person buying a t-shirt ( :whisper I just copied the text but I think I may have got it wrong) now onto writing. The first bit was putting the verbs in Spanish (already in the correct tense) in the right gaps. I believe I may have got them all right but I wish I had doubled checked them. Next bit was translation into Spanish all of it was easy as this was basic stuff from year 8 I also had a Day134 - Brainfart whether my should be mi or mis since we were talking about friends (plural) hopefully it is mis as I changed it at the last minute if it isn't I'll kill myself (bit extreme 0__0;) Finally it was writing about activities that you are currently doing, what you did last Saturday and at the weekend. It was less of a bitch unlike French but the amount of lined paper OMG! They gave us 2 pieces. 4 sided and I ONLY USED half of of the first side. I was like what did you want me to do? Write my entire fucking life story?! MY GOD! I mean think about all of the Tree ! Think about them. The Tree 's that died to make this paper Pixel: Notebook which was wasted! The question was 16 marks I could've written a flipping sentence and got 16 marks. But overall in all of my Spanish exams (Speaking, reading, writing and listening) I did very well and hopefully will get a high level. But only thing that will drop my level is my speaking exam. I still dunno what it is out of and what I got and at the end of the exam, our teacher called back the students who got full marks of did really well and she didn't call me meaning that I've done shit. Sorry this one has been so long since my rage has gotten the better of me but today probably was even better than yesterday apart from the ending of geography and tomorrow is going to to be a complete contrast of length in my journals as tomorrow I have one exam which is history! :) But for now This is Daracoon911 signing out! :)
Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in and sorry this has been uploaded so late I've been busy at home since a very alarming incident happened and I decided to have a very early dinner. I think this might be my shortest journal yet so lets get started! :)


Science was pretty good despite the fact I'm in top set double and we did the hardest test out of everyone. My only problem was that I didn't understand a extracting iron question I also didn't get to finish a question so I left it on a becauseLOL  on plants but again, on our revision checklist it said to revise a ton of stuff but plants wasn't on there. This happened in my exam week last year but it talked about how fertilisation in plants occurs. I'm like why the fuck would you put a question in there when on the revision checklist. I swear down the science department are nothing but Troll  I bet right now they'reTroll Face Icon  as I'm typing this. Again I'm hopefully expecting a pretty high level 6 possibly my second level 7 since I got one at the beginning of the school year. 

Food Tech 

I don't give a fuck about food tech since I'm not taking it for GCSE. I was actually surprised that the test was out of 100 and tbh I'm quite shit at food tech because last year I just got fucking half of the questions right. However in this exam, I think it went way better than this one but that's just my thoughts and there's always that looming fear that you've done shit. I did miss out a few question but who cares so I decided  to "finish" the exam early and I spent most of my time looking at the person who sat next to me making a noughts and crosses grid with all of her equipment and it kept on falling making the look-about person pissed and I had to try so fucking hard not to Crazy Laughing Peridot - Chat Icon , played with my hair for a bit, looked up at the ceiling questioning life and thinking about what I'm going to write about in my journal and looking at everyone else in the hall. But there is one question OMG about vegetarian lasagna and how we can make it suitable for them and yesterday had watched HowToBasic's video on vegetarian lasagna and it listed all of the ingredients and I was flipping Rage at myself what the ingredients were so I put down add no meat to it. I'll be so CURSE YOU! at myself  if I get it wrong  and I'll be having re occurring memories saying 'I should've watched  HowToBasic's video for my food tech exam!" But why I dunno why I'm getting so worked up about it and if I'm not taking the flipping, shitty subject for GCSE so Spam-in-a-Box: HAHAHA! In conclusion, I think this has been my most successful day yet so I'm like La la la la! Feel free to send good luck messages, advice on exams/revision, stories about you in exams or how you deal with them, tomorrow I think I have geography and Spanish which will hopefully go even better than today! But for now This is Daracoon911 signing out! Wink/Razz 
Hey guys its Daracoon911 signing in and here is day 2 review of my exam week. Let's get started! :)

English (Reading)

I was absolutely shitting myself this morning because of this exam. Luckily we did a bit of revision in Geography at the end of the lesson. The reason why is because we done so much analysis in so much fucking detail, did 10 billion practice essays (which were written really well by according to my English teacher) I thought I was going to forget everything not only that, we had studied 4 poems 2 about war and 2 about racism and we were all praying that the 2 poems about racism came because we only done like one lesson on the war poems and if they came up, I just would want to die on the spot since I barely did any revision on the war poems. Then I was saved kaomoji set 2 60/67 as one of my friends told me that the poem about racism (Half-Caste by John Agard) was on  the paper and it is SO FUCKING LONG, the only two bits I knew were when he was talking about Picasso and Tchaikovsky (I spelled it wrong originally THANK YOU AUTOCORRECT FOR NOT BEING A BITCH!) I had to compare it to No Problem (By Benjamin Zephaniah) I did five minutes of annotationg before I started remebering all the techinques and meaning of words. Looking back now, I think my first paragraph was shit as I looked at how they used very little punctuation when I could've focused on more important shit. The next few paragraphs were better but I was running out o time fast. I was getting to my second point about structure and how they're different when the walk-about people said 'you have five minutes left' I was like SHIT! And scribbled as fast as the speed of light but being a :D Asshole  that I am, I spent too much time picking so many quotes as evidence and then the walk-about people said "It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon)"  had lest at the point when I was going to do my explaining. I was likeBruh Shit Happens and FUCK! and was just raging:angry: :angry: Rage :angry: :angry:  inside my head. But one funny thing was, After one of my friends came back to our canteen and I asked her how it was she shouted 'SHIT!' in my face so fucking loud I just pissed myself. But overall, It was pretty ok and I have my writing on next Thursday and I hope I do well since the two level I get will be combined to give me an overall level.

I almost got into deep shit at the beginning of the exam. First of all I arrived almost late since I had to use the toilet I went and sat in my seat and saw my exam paper on there. When I looked around me, seemed to have started so I wrote my name and started the test by accident! Apparently we had 5 minutes revision before the start and being  :D Asshole that I am, I WASTED FUCKING PRECIOUS MINUTES OF FUCKING REVISION! The reason why I'm so upset about it because I didn't revise the subject. But thank GOD that any of thew teachers didn't see me doing the paper probably they were on the over side of the hall. Despite struggling on all of the questions, I think I answered them pretty well I will be soFoxy's MLG Victory Dance (Chat Icon) if I get a high level but I doubt it. Finally one last thing, there was multiple dickheads who thought I would be FUNNY to whistle during the exam and they were sitting near me and all the boys were laughing and me and my friends were just likeSTFU you idiot! ! But who cares since I'm not taking Religion for GCSE so Spam-in-a-Box: HAHAHA  I would rate Day 2 ok to shit but as usual, feel free to send good luck messages, advice on exams/revision, stories about you in exams and I'm gonna go and revise Since and Food Tech since they're next 2 exams on Monday that means no journals over the weekend since I don't go to school on the weekends and do exams. (NO SHIT SHERLOCK!) For now, this is Daracoon911 signing out! Wink/Razz  
Hey guys its  Daracoon911 signing in and I thought that I might as well do daily journals for the next 2 weeks of exams that I have Wink/Razz  that I remain in contact with all of you. These journals will be uploaded earlier (probably when I get back from school)

WARNING:  I might swear a lot in these journals (I dunno why, probably to exagerate and describe stuff) and if your not a fan of curse words I highly suggest you don't read these (I am not a sweary type person in irl though ) But lets get started! :)


My first exam to kick of the 2 weeks of tests. We had 2 papers to do, reading and writing since I've already done listening and speaking (Which is was shitting myself in) we had 25 minutes to do each paper giving us a total time of 50 minutes which is the time which I have to complete all my exams in. We started of with reading overall, I found that paper pretty easy. But coming to end of the exam, I found out that I made so many fucking mistakes on the second to the last page. So I went back read through the entire fucking paragraph and corrected it. I will be so pissed off I get all of them wrong and I'll feel like shit. Then the last page OMG!I had such a major fucking brain fart Day134 - Brainfart I flipping forgot what D'bord meant. Those of you who don't know what D'bord means, It means first ant the last second, I wrote down first since we were translating some shit into English and after the exam I check with my textbook what D'bord meant (dunno if I'm spelling it correctlyLOL so much for being in top set French Stupid Me! ) And I got it right and I was like Foxy's MLG Victory Dance (Chat Icon) But The writing OMG that was so O FUCKING P!!!!!!!!!Rage  The first bit was alright since it was translation into French and the words were very easy but the second part was a FOCKEN BITCH!!!!Rage  we had to write about what sports you do, what are your resolutions are, what you eat and drink and what did you eat last weekend. I was just like bruh so what I and everyone else did, we tried hard to remember parts of our speaking exam and low-key copied but being an absolute retard that I am, I repeated myself like 10 billion times. Afterwards, I'm just like I don't wanna see what I get because I'm like gonna die when I see my mark. In summary, reading was good, speaking was FUCKING TERRIFYING!!!!, listening was ok and writing was a bitch. In may overall level, I think might do pretty well. I hope to get a level 6 preferably a mid to a high level 6. For now we'll have to wait and see. Wink/Razz 

Maths (Non-Calculator)

tbh I think I'm pretty fucking shit at maths despite the fact I'm in middle set. Last year after my exam week, I moved down a set but my maths teach was very nice though. So I'm hoping that I do well in both papers (Calculator paper) so that I don't move down. I think that test was pretty ok despite the fact I might've done shit. They got progressively harder through the paper which was pretty normal but I didn't get to finish my paper think I left a page or two with a few questions blank on a few other pages. So now I'm currently waiting to do my calculator paper which is on the final day to do as well af so that I don't move down. 

So far as Day one goes, it was somewhat satisfactory but I felt like I could've done better.feel free to send good luck messages, advice on exams/revision, stories about you in exams or how you deal with them, tomorrow I have English as I'm really nervous about and Religion which I don't care about but do really well in. But for now This is Daracoon911 signing out! Wink/Razz 
Hey guys its Daracoon911 signing in and sorry I've been away for a while because I've been really busy with school but I am alive and well but I've been joining a lit more clubs though. I have so much to talk about today so lets get started! :)

First of all, I'm in year 9 so I'll be deciding what my options are for GCSE. I will have the opportunity to pick 4 other subjects along with Maths, English and Science (which I have to do against my will thanks to the flipping government) So far, I'm 100% certain that I am taking Spanish and History because I really like and do well them but I also want to take Geography and Computer Science since I do really well and find it fun. But I'm not really sure If I want to take them. So if you have any advice on how to pick your options, how you picked them and what you are currently doing or going through the same experience as me tell me how you are coping or feeling or what I have chosen feel free to comment below. I would really appreciate it! :) (Smile) Heart 

Second of all (This might be my last point) I have exams so that's why I've been really busy at school because we've been doing a lot of revision in class. They'll start on this coming Wednesday due to my French speaking exam (18th Jan)but it's actually supposed to start on the 19th Jan (Thursday) and will last for two weeks and will end on Friday 27th Jan. So from Wednesday onwards, I'll be in full revision mode meaning that my activity on DA will be reduced massively. But once again, feel free to send good luck messages, advice on exams/revision, stories about you in exams or how you deal with them.

Finally, I'll hopefully try and get my January adoptables out tomorrow hopefully (even though I have no ideas!Sweating a little... ) and that is pretty much it or I might do a daily journal throughout the period of exams or do a big one at the end telling you how they went. Plus, if you haven't seen my Christmas and New Year adoptables check them out here.
Christmas 2016 Adpotables
New Year Adoptables

But for now this is Daracoon911 signing out! :)

P.S On my last journal, it for some weird reason is very popular. The last time I checked it, I had 142 views  but I'll check again after I upload this. But I'm genuinely curious why its so popular?

P.P.S I might do another journal, telling you all my key dates for the rest of my year in school.

P.P.P.S Despite me not being on DA that much I still have been getting a lot of pageviews so I thought If we hit 1000 pageviews before the end of my exams I'll do a special drawing and adoptables

P.P.P.P.S If you're wondering how my drawing tablet setup is going, I just need a computer which is Windows 8 or later but I'll hoping to get one in the January sales. But I am very excited and keen to use it! :)

Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in and once again, I just want to say Happy New Year 2011 and I hope that this year will be successful for all of you! :) (Smile) Heart But before I get onto the main point of this journal, I wanted to do a mini ad.

In case you are new or haven't read my Christmas Day you must know that I'm doing points adoptables. I did them for Christmas and the New Year and these will be done monthly or if any special holiday comes around. The good news is that they all are currently available and if you want to check them out, the links are here:……

Now onto the main part of the journal. If you have read my Christmas Day journal you would know that I got a drawing tablet and If you have commented feedback, I would have told you that I have downloaded new painting software and I'll be using it in the new year. That's right, I will not be using MS Paint anymore! Apart when I'm doing my adoptables. But I had this idea, so what I'm going to do is that I will setup my drawing tablet, download more painting software, get used to them, do a drawing and after I have uploaded them I will ask you which software I should use. I'm not sure how long this will take but I hope to get it done asap to I can carry on doing regular uploads as I have been very inconsistent. But I won't be able to start this straight away, since I'll be going back to school in the next 2 days and I have some important times coming up during then but I'll leave that for another journal. So have a very Happy New Year 2011 and this Daracoon911 signing out. :)
Hey guys its Daracoon911 signing in and I hope you're having a lovely Christmas with your friends and family! Heart 

My Christmas has been great so far, thanks to the presents that I have received. My presents were a PS4 and a drawing tablet with a book on drawing characters! So you will be seeing even more better artwork in the new year hopefully! :) (Smile) As my day stands, I woke up to go the special Christmas church service (which overran), got back around 1-ish, played a bit of Scrabble, had Christmas lunch/dinner around 2 getting to 3-ish while watching the Lion King and now here I am typing this away. I don't really expect anything more to happen more this evening, since my family has gone back to their usual individual routines. (I guess you could say that my Christmas is already over.Sweating a little... )

I you've read my Christmas eve journal, you would've seen that I would be giving you a present for supporting me and my artwork through the year. This present is... I'm going to start doing adoptables! :happybounce: They will be monthly or will come out during special occasion such as Christmas. I have already planned my Christmas adpotables and they may be out later this evening or definitely by tomorrow. Of course they'll cost Points  to buy but I'm guessing they'll be no more than 50 but it may change over time. My second and final present to you is that I will be doing requests and with my new software I'll be able to add effects and improve my drawings. I will only do a few at a time since I have my own life and I will be busy due to school when I return. But I'll explain that in my next journal.

Anyways, Merry christmas everybody and a Happy New Year 2011 

BTW, after my negative comments journal, I have seen a recent spike in positive feedback so thank you very much for liking my work Huggle! Hug (YAY! Double hug!) Its great to see that there are so many good people in the world who help encourage beginners like me to carry on working hard to achieve greatness. Heart  But for now, this is Daracoon911 signing out! :) (Smile) 

Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in and I just wanted to wish you an early merry Christmas! 

This is next but may seem a bit nosy, but how was your Christmas Eve? What did you do or how are you still spending it? I spent mine watching as many Christmas films in TV af. Finally, tomorrow is Christmas Day. How are you going to spend it?  Feel free to comment and this Daracoon911 signing out. 

                                                      Merry Christmas! :)
P.S I have a surprise present for all of you tomorrow. It will be revealed in my next journal tomorrow . =P (Razz) 

P.P.S I just got a new mouse, so I can upload artwork again YAY!I am a dummy!  I will try and get the rest of the 2015 CTC pictures up tomorrow and a finish my 2016 ones  and hopefully have a couple of them uploaded as well!:) (Smile) 

P.P.P.S Sorry for all the inconvenience caused by my mouse not working meaning that I couldn't upload work and I'm sure that made you all sad. I really missed being on DeviantArt and I can't wait to get back on it!Giggle 
Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in and today I'm telling you about how I've been feeling.

Recently, there has been a spike of negative comments on my artwork and I really don't like it as I am a really sensitive person in real life and I hate people being mean or talking bad stuff about me. This had made me really upset, angry, and insecure about myself and puts me down about my artwork and tells me I'm a bad drawer. I also have been bullied in real life and it has made me depressed and even have suffered racism since I'm black. I don't understand why people will just go online say bad stuff about people and what they do and don't care about it for find it funny or amusing, when they do know what consequences it has on a persons well being which may lead them to have mental health problems or commit suicide, this makes me very angry and offended. This next bit is going to make sound like a SJW or a feminist (I'm not any of those things) but I am against any form of bullying, racism, discrimination or hatred against the gay community and I support the Black Lives Matter movement. So what I'm trying to say is if you don't like my artwork and you're thinking about leaving a bad comment, please don't put it down because I might take it too seriously (I mean shit, I can't even take a joke at school) plus if you can't say anything nice, don't say nothing all. Think about what you say and the consequences it has on a person. I don't mind constructive criticism as long it is done in a nice way take this for an example: 

'You could work on linework more, and anatomy. Most artists need to work on that though. I suggest getting a better program. There are many free ones that are better then microsoft paint. I suggest fire alpaca.' From Mimithecool on my artwork called 'Bella' go check it out here --->Bella. So please be nice and lets not turn DeviantArt into the YT comments section Sweating a little... 

Feel free to tell the people and to read this and if you see anyone leave a negative comment on my artwork, stick up for me I would really appreciate it! Hug I also plan to start using my new painting softwares or deviantArt Muro Icon ultramini  in the new year so hopefully nobody will leave bad comments when I upload work from it. Finally if I see you leave bad comments on my work, I will BLOCK YOU!  Emote War Project Entry and I'm also a beginner I think it's not fair to give criticism to a person who has started something. 

This is Daracoon911 signing out!=P (Razz) 
Hey guys it's Daracoon911 signing in and we can all tell that Christmas is coming as neighbors are putting up decorations, shopping and the ads are coming on. But I see some of us are still not in the Christmas spirit and to fix that I've decided to a countdown to Christmas but with art. 

Everyday, I will post a drawing titled (Insert Number here) Day(s) to go! and it will have something Christmas themed e.g snow,Santa ,mistletoe etc. this will include all the characters I have drawn this year and maybe some new ones. On the 24th and 25th, I'll do a massive picture showing as many characters as possible. Feel free to send me suggestions for what I can do I might make a separate journal for ideas. Also I did a personal version of this last year and I might upload some pictures from there to DA however I may not upload all of them either I lost them,I deleted it or I don't like it after all I am always striving to give you top quality art work for all of you. They will also be in folders which I will create but for now this is Daracoon911 signing out and Merry Christmas! :)
Hey guys I was checking my account and I saw that I had 100 Pageviews! So thank you so much for viewing, favouriting, sharing, adding my work to clubs and commenting on my work I really appriecate your feedback. A special artwork to celebrate this achievement will come out soon. But again, thank you again and this is Daracoon911 signing out! :)

P.S: if you are a Milky Way and the Galaxy girls fan, join my club GalaxyGirlsFC we have a contest currently running.